Tuesday 18, February 2014 | written by Roberta Cena

Something strange is happening.  Yesterday I was covering London Fashion Week on and at one point I saw something SCARINGLY FAMILIAR at Preen : the face of the darkest and meanest daddy of all the galaxy  LORD DARTH VADER! Oh hello Paps!


 And it was there for everyone to watch ...not timidly, not subtle, but instead IN YOUR FACE. Like a logo tshirt for teenagers. My first thought  was: WTF.

This could be great for  Star Wars fans, for HARDCORE fans, but for the rest of the world? And what about people who did not surrender to the the Dark Side of the Force?

 Little i knew that my questions would be answered shortly.  At RODARTE , the clearly mental design duo presented THIS:



 I mean, this is beyond! That's Yoda, Luke and C3PO printed on  gowns!! There you go: Rebel Alliance is served, Obi-One approved.

Issues arising are : who the hell is going to wear these garments? Maybe someone could get away wearing a Dart Vader printed Preen top stictly non ironically, but the gowns? Suitable for the premiere of the new chapter of the saga only. all this  possibly just a coincidence?  DONT THINK SO!

May the Force be with you.